‘I’m going to burn your kids’ houses’

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A drunken thug assaulted his partner then threatened to burn down her children’s homes if he was arrested.

Jason Bates (46), 26 Grangelea Court, Grangemouth, had been drinking heavily when he and his partner began arguing. Things quickly escalated and he attacked her, forcing her to the floor, then threw a bottle at her son.

Bates appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday having previously pled guilty to the assault he committed and behaving in a threatening manner at an address in Central Avenue, Grangemouth on February 7.

Samantha Brown, procurator fiscal depute, said: “They had been in a relationship for two years and were living together until this incident. The accused’s partner had been out shopping and came back to find him in the house consuming alcohol.

“They started having an argument and he was shouting at her, pointing at her face. She decided to leave and the accused then appeared, standing behind her.

“He placed his hand round the side of her neck and she was forced to the floor. The accused was shouting at her, calling her a ‘grassing cow’ and making various threats.”

She managed to leave and when she returned a little while later she hoped Bates had calmed down.

The procurator fiscal depute said: “He continued to be aggressive towards her, so the complainer contacted her son who made his way to the address after contacting police.

“The accused threw an empty beer bottle at the son which missed and smashed against a door. The accused said ‘If I get lifted tonight I’m going to burn your kids’ houses down.”

Police arrived at the scene and Bates, who has previous convictions for similar offences, was arrested.

Defence solicitor Stephen Biggam said: “He is in stable employment with a very good job and he is ashamed of his conduct. The combination of alcohol, anger and issues with his partner led to these offences.

“He has decided it is time to do something about his alcohol problem.”

Sheriff Linda Smith ordered Bates to pay his victim £800 compensation and also fined him £480. He was told to pay of the total of £1280 at £500 per month.