Heartless thieves loot garden furniture from Larbert’s Maggie’s Centre

Callous crooks armed with metal-cutting gear staged an overnight raid on the Maggie’s Centre in Larbert, making off with garden furniture worth hundreds of pounds.

Friday, 25th October 2019, 4:16 pm
This snap gives an idea of the style of furniture involved.

Shocked staff arrived at the treasured cancer care support centre at 9am this morning to find that two tables, benches and numerous chairs - all solid steel - had vanished from an area many use for quiet and contemplation.

Mercedes Benz at Grangemouth has told the Falkirk Herald it is keen to make a donation to cover the cost of the stolen items, but at the moment staff are waiting to get a reliable estimate of the cost of replacement.

The centre has posted pictures of the stolen furniture online, asking people to share them and to contact police (via 101)if they have any knowledge of who is responsible.

The post has drawn hundreds of responses, many describing those responsible as “the lowest of the low”.

A Maggie’s spokeswoman said: “The garden is a favourite spot for many people, a serene place with a beautiful pond and surroundings - people sit there on both warm days and also not so warm days, using a blanket.

“The people who have done this have deprived these people of something very valuable.

“We have tremendous support from so many people, and of course have reported the theft to police.

“Our social media post has gone viral - so many people will be familiar with the lovely garden area and will be as shocked as we were this morning.”

She added: “It must have been carefully planned, and must have involved two or more vehicles, several men and cutting equipment, because all of the items are solid steel, not easy to shift, and were also chained together.”