Hallglen horror kicked cop in the groin

An offender took exception to her friend being arrested and started to attack the officers who had taken her into custody.

Kiera Beattie ended up being arrested herself during the disturbance, which saw her injure a female officer and then kick a male officer in the groin.

Beattie appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday having pled guilty to resisting arrest, kicking out at police officers, and the assault she committed in Kintyre Place, Tamfourhill on February 11 last year.

The trouble started when officers were called out to an ongoing disturbance in Tamfourhill.

Beattie appeared for sentencing at Falkirk Sheriff Court

Procurator fiscal depute Heather Galbraith said: “Police were requested to attend Kintyre Place. Several people were in the street and loud shouting was coming from the entrance to Kintyre Place.

“A friend of the accused was being arrested at this time and the accused approached the police vehicle and tried to enter it. She was asked to move away and grabbed the hand of one of the officers, starting to push and shove, kick and punch the officer.

“This caused bruising to the left knee of the officer. The accused was then arrested and continued to resist, kicking out at officers this caused injury to a police officers groin area.”

Gordon Addison, defence solicitor, said: “She got involved in something that was nothing to do with her and as a result police had to arrest her.”

Sheriff Derek Hamilton fined Beattie, 29 Tiree Place, Hallglen, £600 to be paid back at a rate of £20 per fortnight.