Grangemouth man claims his life was threatened over a non-existent debt

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A 62-year-old told a court how a younger man threatened to kill him and then attacked and cut him because he supposedly owed him £300.

The victim admitted he was “afraid” when George Wright (38) allegedly confronted him in broad daylight and threatened to kill him if he didn’t hand over the cash.

He told the High Court in Livingston he did not know until he got home some kind of weapon had been used against him.

“Mr Wright threatened me. He was going to kill me. I didn’t know at the time till I got to my own house that he broke something and used it. I was supposed to have owed him money to his friend Andy.

“He told me at the time it was £300 but I didn’t owe him a penny. I just got threatened. I didn’t owe him it. I would say he was trying to batter me to get the money back to his friend.”

The jury at the trial was told the man suffered a number of injuries, including two cuts on both sides of his neck, a wound from the middle to the left of his neck and half a dozen cuts of different lengths to his scalp.

Wright, a prisoner at Low Moss, Bishopbriggs, is on trial charged with attempted extortion, attempted murder and police assault.

He is accused of repeatedly threatening the man at his home in Grangemouth on October 15 last year that unless he handed over £300 he would physically harm him with violence.

He is also charged with repeatedly striking the man on the head and neck with a walking stick, a glass bottle or a piece of glass or a similar sharp instrument to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life, attempting to murder him.

The prosecution further alleges Wright repeatedly struggled with a police officer in a marked police vehicle, struck him on the body with a door and tried to head butt him. Wright denies all the charges.

The trial, before Lady Scott, continues.