Grangemouth knifeman slashed carer over missing FIFA video game

Bunce thought staff had stolen his FIFA video game (PICTURE: ALLEXXANDAR)
Bunce thought staff had stolen his FIFA video game (PICTURE: ALLEXXANDAR)

A violent drug user sliced open his female carer’s face with a Stanley knife because he thought she had stolen his FIFA video game.

Jordan Bunce (22) left his 38-year-old victim with “terrible” and permanent physical and psychological injuries after the brutal attack which saw her holding her face to try and stem the flow of blood which was pouring from the open wound.

Bunce, Lomond Drive, Langlees, appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday having pled guilty to the assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement in supported accommodation run by Loretto Care in Inchyra Place, Grangemouth on March 26.

Procurator fiscal depute Ann Orr said Bunce had spoken to staff about the missing game just the day before the incident.

She said: “He was unhappy because he thought they had stolen a FIFA computer game from his flat. He said to them to cancel a planned support meeting he was supposed to be having on March 26, but then on that day, just about the time the meeting had been scheduled, he contacted the office asking if the staff were still coming along for the meeting, so that they could help him search for the game.”

At around 2pm, two staff members went to his flat.

Mrs Orr said: “They started speaking to him about where he could look for his game, and he struck the female carer down the left side of her face. She realised he was holding a Stanley knife, felt blood on her cheek, and realised she had been slashed.

Bunce fled from the flat while the terrified care workers locked themselves inside for protection and called police as the victim tried to stem the flow of blood from her face.

The court heard she had a “five to six inch” laceration from the blade, from the bridge of her nose, down her left cheek, to her left jaw bone.

She was taken to the Forth Valley Royal Hospital, where her wound was closed with “multiple” stitches, but has been left with “deep” scarring over her nose and cheek which the court was told was “visible, obvious and will be permanent”.

Bunce was later found hiding, his hands covered with blood, in the nearby Ineos petro-chemical complex and was arrested.

Murray Aitken, defence solicitor, said: “He has underlying difficulties and a personality disorder brought on by consumption of illicit substances. He knows he has done wrong.

“This was an outburst – a single violent attack. There’s nothing I can say that will make it any better.”

Sheriff John Mundy said: “You struck this lady, in the course of her employment, with a Stanley blade. As a result she sustained terrible physical and psychological injuries, and the impact on her cannot be over-stated.

“It was a horrendous crime in my view, and must inevitably be at the high end of my powers of sentencing in the solemn jurisdiction.”

He sentenced Bunce to 45 months in prison.