Grangemouth binge drinker told police their ‘weans are going to die of cancer’

A drunken troublemaker called police “mongrels”, threatened to stab them and told them their children would die of cancer.

Shiree Makarewicz (29) was the worse for alcohol and causing a disturbance when police arrived to take her in and her night ended in the cells after she kicked a female police officer.

Makarewicz, 5 Coll Place, Grangemouth, appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday having pled guilty to threatening behaviour on the journey from the Ellwyn, Newlands Road, Grangemouth, to Falkirk Police Station and a subsequent assault at the station on November 22.

Ashley Smith, procurator fiscal depute, said there had been an argument – fuelled by alcohol – outside the Ellwyn.

She added: “The accused was saying ‘do you know who my dad is’ and door stewards had to split up the accused and another woman, who were both were fighting. The accused then shouted ‘phone the police, they know me’.

“Upon seeing the police when they arrived, the accused made off on foot and was apprehended a short distance away. She said ‘youse are mongrels’ as she was handcuffed. She was repeatedly told to get up, but refused to do so.

“She continued to shout and swear and another police van was requested to come to the location. The accused then began a threatening and abusive tirade, telling police ‘your weans are going to die of cancer’ and ‘I know what school your weans go to’, ‘you’re getting stabbed’.”

On arrival at the police station Makarewicz “immediately lunged” at a police officer and kicked her “twice to the torso”.

The court heard binge drinker Makarewicz had little recollection of events, but the trouble seemd to start after an altercation between her and another woman, with the use of alcohol at the root of it.

Sheriff John Mundy said: “This is quite disgusting behaviour on your part. There is no alternative other than a prison sentence.”

Makarewicz was sentenced to six months in prison.