Furious Grangemouth motorist tells DVLA employee where she can stick her clamp

A driver flew into a rage at the woman who had arrived to de-clamp his vehicle and told her exactly where he was going to shove the clamp.

Kenneth Henderson (37) then threw the tyre iron he had been holding at the woman as she drove off in her work’s van. When she was gone he picked the tyre iron up and started to bash another one of his car with it.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Henderson had admitted behaving in a threatening manner outside his 41 Kingseat Avenue, Grangemouth home on May 19.

Procurator fiscal depute Graham MacLachlan said: “It was 10.15am and the witness – an employee of the DVLA – had attended to remove a wheel clamp from the accused’s vehicle. He confronts her in an aggressive manner holding a tyre iron, swearing and saying she had better get the clamp off now.

“He told her it should never have been clamped in the first place.”

Henderson’s threatening behaviour led the woman to drive off without removing the clamp, but Henderson appeared at the window of her vehicle before she could leave.

Mr MacLachlan said: “He shouts at the witness ‘I’ll show you, I’ll cut the clamp right off’.”

He continued his rant, stating where exactly in the woman’s anatomy he was going to shove the clamp.

“The encounter ended with him throwing the tyre iron towards the witness’s van as it drove off,” said Mr MacLachlan. “He then picked up the tyre iron and started to hit another vehicle which is registered as belonging to him.”

The court heard the woman did eventually come back a few hours later that day and removed the clamp.

Stephen Biggam, defence solicitor, said: “He accepts he should not have behaved in the way he did. He knows the witness would have been scared witless. He has poor decision making.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston stated Henderson seemed to be “ambiguous” about his guilt.

He added: “Reading the report he seems to be saying this was just a misunderstanding. This was someone who was just doing her job – the woman who came to remove the clamp was certainly not the one who put the clamp on in the first place.

“At least you have some insight when you say the witness must have been scared witless. I understand you would have been angry if you felt your car was unjustly clamped, but your behaviour went well beyond that.”

Henderson was ordered to pay a £130 fine and a £300 compensation order to the woman at a rate of £10 per week.