Fires set in Westquarter beauty spot

Vandals set fires to wheelie bins and plastic bread crates in Westquarter Glen
Vandals set fires to wheelie bins and plastic bread crates in Westquarter Glen

A district beauty spot which relies on volunteers for its maintenance is being ruined by vandals who have been setting fires at the attraction.

A wheelie bin was set ablaze and dumped in the water at Westquarter glen along with pallets and plastic bread crates during a wrecking spree last week.

Traces of another fire were also found on the bridge which sits above the picturesque waterfall at the heart of the glen where the plastic bread crates had melted onto the walkway.

Volunteers from the Lower Braes Woodland, who have taken over maintaining the glen, were forced to clean the damage up. They want to work with youths to help find them productive, rather than destructive, pastimes.

The group’s founder Sonia McLay said: “People need to be reminded that nature is for everyone to be enjoyed in a responsible manner at all times.

“We would like to work with the authorities and local young people to address their needs for a safe and secure environment and to help create a space for young people to meet up for social activities in the Lower Braes.”

Community police officers have attended the area recently following complaints of antisocial behaviour by youths.

PC David Graham said: “This behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and we’d urge parents to reinforce the dangers of fireraising to their children. Not only are they putting the local community and wildlife at risk, but they are putting themselves in danger also. Furthermore, they are causing the emergency services to attend when their resources may be needed elsewhere.”

A spokesperson for Falkirk Council said its Community Safety Team is working alongside the police and fire services and patrols are ongoing in the area. The council is also urging anyone witnessing antisocial behaviour to call its reporting line on 0808 100 3161 at the time to help officers respond quickly.