Fire bug torched flats in Camelon then turned up later to ask what happened

The offender who set fire to flats in Camelon had the audacity to re-appear after the blaze and asked a resident “what happened to your house?”.

Wednesday, 9th October 2019, 4:13 pm

Daniel Findlay’s thoughtless actions wrecked Kris Steele’s flat and neighbouring properties in Mansionhouse Road, causing the roof of the four-in-a-block building to cave in, making residents homeless.

Findlay (21) struck having earlier started another fire at the house of a man he had fallen out with.

Appearing at the High Court in Glasgow earlier today, he pled guilty to the wilful fire raising, threatening behaviour and theft offences he committed on June 13 and was remanded in custody pending his sentencing next month.

The court heard Findlay and Mr Steele were said to be known to each other.

Mr Steele was in bed when Findlay suddenly appeared at his home asking for a glass of water.

After Findlay left, the man soon became aware of smoke billowing in his flat.

It later emerged Findlay had set alight material in a cupboard.

Prosecutor Chris McKenna said a total of eight 999 calls were made by different people as flames engulfed the building.

As a shocked Mr Steele watched his home burn, Findlay appeared again.

He asked Mr Steele: “What happened to your house?”

Mr Steele replied: “You tell me.”

As the roof completely collapsed, firefighters had to tackle the blaze from outside and three adjoining properties had to be evacuated.

Mr Steele was being treated meantime by emergency staff when Findlay turned up to ask how he was doing.

He later ended up being charged for causing the fire, but made no comment at the time.

Mr McKenna said the cost for repairs has not yet been worked out, adding: “The building is damaged to the extent that it is not habitable.”

Findlay had earlier that day started a fire at the home of James Cowan having earlier threatened to burn down his property, also located in Camelon.

Mr Cowan had been staying with a relative when Findlay struck.

He broke into the flat, set items alight before escaping and the property suffered smoke and heat damage.