Falkirk woman lost ‘large’ sum after believing bogus bank call

A Falkirk woman was duped into paying a conman a “large quantity” of cash after following instructions supposedly issued by her bank.

Saturday, 5th October 2019, 3:29 pm

Police say the scam happened on September 24, when the victim was told by her caller there had been fraudulent activity on her account.

While not going into specific details, police say the woman was encouraged to go to her bank “and follow some particular instructions”.

Her account had not been tampered with, but she did not enquire any further with the bank before withdrawing the cash - which was then pocketed by the crook.

Police are using the case to urge people to always think through what a caller is demanding. and if a supposed bank call comes via a landline to use a mobile to call the bank - and vice versa.

Anyone contacted about a money transfer could become the victim of a scam if they don’t carry out some basic security checks, say police.

A spokesperson said: “Speak to a staff member of the bank, be honest with them - they are there to help you keep your money safe”.