Falkirk’s shocking booze culture

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Stunned health officials have condemned a mum who allegedly allowed her 12-year-old daughter to drink at a children’s sleepover.

The shocking incident was revealed when pregnant Hazel Aitchison appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court to admit buying alcohol and allowing the youngster to drink it while she was looking after her last July.

However, her excuse to police and court officials was that she had checked with the girl’s mum before buying the bottle of vodka.

The case has thrust the issue of alcohol and young people back into the spotlight.

And the issue was again highlighted this week when a shopkeeper was applauded for agreeing not to sell Buckfast tonic wine in his store after concerns had been raised by residents.

Warning of the risks to young people, Elaine Lawlor, NHS Forth Valley’s alcohol and drug co-ordinator, said: “Research shows the earlier a young person begins to drink alcohol, the more likely they are to drink in ways that can be risky later in life.”