Falkirk residents warned ‘don’t be fooled by this phisher’

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It looks just like a real email from the TV licensing authorities - but it’s nothing of the kind.

Police have issued a scam alert after a local resident contacted them yesterday, and are strongly advising anyone who receives one not to open the link - and to delete the message.

The scam is the latest in a long line of phishing attempts to part people from their cash by using a convincing mock-up of a public body to gain access to the victim’s bank account.

A police spokesperson said: “The link takes you to a fake website, set up to look exactly like the original.

“The email copies the official sender details (donotreply@tvlicensing.co.uk) and the link directs you to a phishing page.

“The aim is to steal your banking details. Do not click on the link, delete the email.

“If you are in doubt of any unsolicited emails, please visit the official website or make contact through an official number”.