Falkirk police say it’s best being single

Serious assaults were up almost 70 per cent on last year’s policing figures.

The Falkirk policing performance report showed there were 39 serious assaults between April and September, up from 23 in 2013.

The increase was blamed on a spike in this type of crime in June this year.

Speeding numbers also increased during the same period, from 806 in 2013 to 990. The report showed officers are carrying out regular speed checks to combat this.

Seatbelt offences were down considerably from 619 to 284 with seatbelt warnings beep plus regular checks helping to stamp out this kind of offending.

The number of domestic abuse incidents rose from 885 to 938,a six per cent increase with the majority of incident s reported at weekends.

Speaking at Falkirk Council’s scrutiny committee last week , Inspector Mandy Paterson said protecting the public was the main priority for the Forth Valley Police Division.

She said: “There is a big push on domestic violence and stamping it out.

“We are working with children in schools to educate them as often it is learned behaviour from home. We go in, teach them it is wrong and unacceptable. It doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 60, it is not acceptable.

“We had complaints about drug use in the town centre and as a result over 70 people have been charged with drug offences.

“We are making Falkirk safer and taking on all concerns. We had calls about beggers and buskers and, while the music the buskers play might be criminal, there is nothing we can do as they are not breaking the law. But we take all concerns on board.

“The safe base, run in the town centre at weekends, helps to make the town safer and the taxi marshalls control the crowds heading home after nights out.”