Falkirk police map out the way ahead

Police officers will be following the local police plan
Police officers will be following the local police plan
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The first local police plan to be produced since the creation of Police Scotland in 2013 has been endorsed by Falkirk Council.

Developed within a framework of national priorities and the vision of Chief Constable Sir Stephen House, it sets out the targets and objectives of the force through to 2017.

Key to the plan is making communities safer and stronger by reducing crime and the fear of crime and increasing public confidence through more visible and responsive policing.

Priorities include protecting people and places, tackling anti-social behaviour and disrupting organised crime.

As well as the priorities set by Scottish Ministers, the Scottish Police Authority and the Chief Constable, the local police plan also takes account of the goals set by the council’s own Strategic Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement developed by listening to the views of councillors and partner organisations which work closely with the police and local people.

Community consultation and feedback has been integral to the plan and is reflected in the final draft that has now been approved.

Local policing is being delivered within a nation-wide approach which allows local concerns to be addressed alongside a commitment to contribute to national demands. The focus of the local police plan is on responding to the needs and expectations of communities across Falkirk district.

Chief Superintendent David Flynn, commander of the Forth Valley Division, told the council: “The priorities have been developed in consultation with local people and partner agencies taking account of analysis of crimes and incidents and national policing priorities.

“Sound partnerships, shared information and strong collaborations form the foundations of effective local policing. By delivering policing which meets the needs and expectations of communities to a consistently high standard we will continue to maintain public confidence and satisfaction.

“The priorities and objectives outlined provide a clear focus for local policing but retain enough flexibility to change to meet any new issues which might emerge. I am confident the plan demonstrates our committment to meet the needs and expectations of the communities we serve in Falkirk.”

Chief Constable House said: “The first year of Police Scotland has seen significant change in many aspects of the organisation, however, the delivery of locally-focused operational policing remains the bedrock of this service.

“In developing this plan we have recognised partnership working is critical to making our communities safer. This approach has also ensured our planning process is aligned to the broader vision set out in the Community Plan and supports the Single Outcome Agreement. This plan is therefore a commitment to working across agencies to deliver better outcomes for communities as well as setting out how policing will be delivered in this area.”

Falkirk Council’s chief executive Mary Pitcaithly said: “This report sets out the medium term priorities and outcomes for Police Scotland and how they relate to our local outcomes. The service will continue to be monitored through the council’s scrutiny committee on a regular basis. Police Scotland continues to be a key partner of the council and we recognise the contribution it can make.”