Falkirk motorist had bust up in Bainsford with police after car smash

A motorist lost the plot after he hit a pothole and then lashed out at police who came looking for him after he abandoned his car and walked off.

Monday, 10th February 2020, 4:20 pm

Officers had to go looking for James McCullagh (43) following a traffic accident in Napier Crescent, Falkirk.

Things turned nasty when they caught up with him and he twice tried to head butt them, stating he had not been driving.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, McCullagh, 5 Burnbrae Gardens, Falkirk, admitted the assault and threatening behaviour offences he committed near the Creamery, Main Street, Bainsford on June 12 last year.

Procurator fiscal depute Ann Orr said: “It was 10pm when matters came to the attention of residents of Napier Crescent. They saw a black Volkswagen Golf with the front nearside wheel damaged.

“They saw the vehicle reversing around the corner with no tyre on the front nearside. She went outside and found her vehicle had been damaged and the other vehicle was nearby. The accused was seen to get of out of the Golf and go off down Napier Place.

“The accused returned to the Golf and she asked him if he was the driver. He said he wasn’t and then walked off again. Police were called and saw the accused’s vehicle was damaged and had been locked.

“They found the accused in the Main Street, a couple of hundred metres away. He was found to be in possession of the car keys to the vehicle and was arrested.

“He was tensing his arms and struggling with police. One officer was struck in the eye by the aerial of her radio during the struggle and the accused attempted to head butt police officers on two occasions.

“He told officers ‘I will find out your address - your cop is going to get blootered right in the teeth, I’m going to punch them down his throat. I will find out where you stay – you’re going to get it, I’ll make sure of it’.

“The accused told police he had been walking, not driving.”

The court heard the self-employed married dad-of-two had his own car recovery firm and also worked part-time as a fast food deliver driver, so his driving licence was vital for his livelihood.

On the night in question he had been spending time with his cousin and was returning home when he hit a pothole which wrecked his front wheel, effecting the stability of his vehicle.

He was trying to find a place to park it when he struck the side of a parked vehicle.

McCullagh was then said to have become “upset and angry” and decided “impulsively” to make his way back to his cousin’s home. When police became involved in the matter his behaviour “escalated”.

Sheriff John Mundy said McCullagh’s behaviour was “more than stupid, it was reprehensible” and warned him he was within a “hair’s breadth” of going to prison.

McCullagh was ordered to complete 225 hours unpaid work within six months and had eight penalty points put on his driving li