Falkirk man threatened to kill mum after she put his legal highs down toilet

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A callous son told his mother he would “snap her neck” after she flushed his legal high drugs down the toilet.

Dillan Connal (21) threatened to kill his mum when he learned the tablets had been disposed of and, on another occasion, made similar threats to builders, stating he would stab the men after they caused noise while working on a property in Grove Street, Denny on June 18.

Connal, 15 Kerse Gardens, Falkirk, also admitted attacking a neighbour following a conversation over the sale of a bike.

As well as the attack on his neighbour, Connal pled guilty to threatening police and challenging officers to fight during a journey from his home to Falkirk Police Station on December 24 last year after he broke a bail condition to remain at home from 7pm to 7am daily by being in Jarvie Road, Redding.

Connal was also deemed to have been in contempt of court due to his behaviour during an appearance on June 24.

He was scheduled to appear from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, however, he was held within court cells after causing a disturbance.

In relation to Connal turning on his mum, the court heard things escalated during a phone call when he learned what had happened to his legal highs.

Procurator fiscal depute Collette Fallon said: “His mother told him she had flushed them down the toilet and that’s when the accused became aggressive towards her, shouting ‘I will snap your neck’. He continued to shout and swear and made threats to kill her. He then arrived at the address and began banging on the door, shouting, swearing and threatening his mother.”

Defence solicitor Simon Hutchison told Sheriff John Mundy his client has had “problems for years” with legal highs but had had a son and secured employment before taking Valium for the first time “in some time” in April.

Passing sentence in his absence, Sheriff Mundy jailed Connal for 23 months, backdated to June 21.