Falkirk councillor hits out at domestic abuse

Councillor Jim Blackwood has highlighted the problem
Councillor Jim Blackwood has highlighted the problem

The link between alcohol and domestic abuse is to be put in the spotlight by a new campaign.

Police are teaming up with health officials, as well as groups tackling abuse in the home and violence against women.

During 2012-13, almost 2000 cases of domestic abuse were reported to police in the Falkirk area. Statistics show that in 85 per cent of cases, the victim of domestic abuse was female and the perpetrator was male.

The Forth Valley Focus on Alcohol campaign wants to highlight the message that alcohol may be blamed for the problem, but those who abuse, hurt, dominate or control others are likely to act this way drunk or sober.

Councillor Jim Blackwood, spokesperson for public protection, said: “Violence against women and girls of any age in any form is unacceptable and Falkirk Council is working with partners from across the area to help raise awareness of issues such as domestic abuse, rape and sexual assault.

“There is never an excuse for domestic abuse and it is important that people stop using alcohol as a reason to justify their abusive or violent behaviour.”

Falkirk and District Women’s Aid provides free and confidential advice and support to victims. Call them on (01324) 635661.