Ex could not handle break up or losing custody of dog

The break up led to Hutton losing custody of the family dog
The break up led to Hutton losing custody of the family dog

A man found it hard to let go of his ex partner – and the family dog – when their eight-year relationship came to an end.

After the break-up James Hutton (56) began pestering his former partner and became so aggressive and threatening towards her she was forced to call the police.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Hutton previously pled guilty to placing his former partner in state of fear in Easton Drive, Shieldhill, between November 28 and December 16 last year.

Procurator fiscal depute Siobhan Monks said: “There was some conflict about the ownership of the family dog. On one occasion the accused became aggressive towards the complainer and both parties agreed they should give each other space.”

Hutton, however, began to contact her on a regular basis.

“She received a number of text messages,” said the procurator fiscal depute. “He was asking questions about the dog and about her starting a relationship with another party.

“She told him their relationship was over for good and asked him to stop contacting her. On one occasion he blocked her getting into her house. She was frightened she was going to be assaulted.

“She told the accused if he wanted to take the dog to just do so, but leave her alone. He said he didn’t want the dog.”

In the following days the complainer’s neighbours noticed the accused parked outside the premises and driving up and down the street.

Police were called.

Simon Hutchison, defence solicitor, said: “He has stayed away. There is still an issue with the dog, but he will deal with that through the proper channels.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston placed Hutton, 98 Victoria Road, Falkirk, on a supervised community payback order for two years with the condition he complete 180 hours of unpaid work within nine months. He also made a non-harassment order so Hutton could not contact the complainer directly or enter Easton Drive in Shieldhill for the next five years.