Drunken Camelon lout caused more than £1500 of damage to four vehicles

An inebriated lout went on a vehicle wrecking spree which caused over £1500 of damage.

Darren McLernon (23), 214 Carmuirs Avenue, Camelon, pled guilty to damaging four vehicles at the Wheelhouse Restaurant, Wheel Drive, Camelon, on June 29.

The court heard the self-employed roofer was refused service at a nearby pub earlier that day.

His defence solicitor said a witness claimed an altercation over a phone charger caused his client to lose his temper and that McLernon couldn’t recall the incidents.

He’ll be supervised for 18 months and must pay the owners of the vehicles a total of £1545 in compensation. McLernon must also complete 180 hours of unpaid work within a year.