Drunk jailed after dozing off in Falkirk Sheriff Court dock

Caghal Coyne appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court
Caghal Coyne appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court

A man who turned up in court drunk and dozed off has been jailed.

Stephen Speedie fell into a deep sleep as he sat on the public benches waiting for his case to be called at Falkirk Sheriff Court on December 22.

The 43-year-old from Denny was held in the cells overnight before being sent to prison for 60 days the following day for contempt of court.

Defence lawyer Mike Lowrie said: “He offers his profound apologies.”

The court heard Speedie had taken a “cocktail of drink and drugs” before going to court on the Tuesday.

Mr Lowrie claimed: “He thought he was going to prison and began to indulge. Things got worse and worse until he considered not coming to court at all.”

Sheriff John Mundy told Speedie: “That might have been better.”