Drunk handed more unpaid work after row in Grangemouth chippie

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Drunken Philip Hendry shouted and swore at a female shop assistant during a booze fuelled rant as he threatened to burn the place down.

The bully then staggered into the chip shop next door waving a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream over his head and demanded to be fed.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard that as Hendry shouted “Am I getting my f***ing chips?” the police were called, but he had left before they got there and finally arrested five days later.

The court was told the 34-year-old, from 36 Moy Court, Grangemouth, was already subject to a community payback order for another offence, when he got drunk and wandered into the Bowhouse Mini Market in Grangemouth’s Bowhouse Square at around tea-time on December 23.

His original complaint was about claims the shop was selling eggs to youngsters who, he said, were then throwing at his house.

His rage then turned to the female shop assistant who he warned: “I’m going to smash you. You’d better go home pal. I’ve got 20 boys in my house and we’ll burn down this shop.”

After making more threats he went next door and demanded chips while waving the bottle of booze over his head.

Hendry’s lawyer explained: “He was behaving very badly while he was very drunk. He really doesn’t have much to say. He thought youths were buying eggs from the shop and then throwing them at his house. In the shop he said he wanted them to stop selling them the eggs.

“He is already on a community order for another matter and when he is not drinking is doing the work.”

Sheriff John Mundy opted to add 75 hours of unpaid work to the existing order to be completed within four months.

But he warned him: “You won’t be surprised I’m adding these hours as an appropriate punishment for this, but if you breach this order you will be brought back here and it will be replaced with a custodial sentence.”