Drugged up driver did not know what day it was as he trundled into oncoming traffic in Grangemouth

A driver was so far gone on drugs he could barely stand up after police pulled him over for driving on the opposite side of the road.

Appearing from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Robert Miller (31) admitted driving while unfit through drink or drugs and dangerous driving on Earls Road, Grangemouth on January 13.

Procurator fiscal depute Ann Orr said: “It was 11.30pm and police officers on mobile patrol became aware of a vehicle driving on the opposite carriageway into oncoming traffic, causing vehicles to have break and swerve.

“Police caught up with the vehicle – it was driving very slowly. They activated the blue lights, but the vehcile continued to drive, not noticing the lights. It crashed over onto the other carriageway and police activated the siren which led to the driver eventually stopping a few hundred yards up the road on the opposite carriageway.

“He said he didn’t know the area and was looking for a hostel to spend the night. His speech was very slurred, so he was asked to exit his car and go and sit in the police vehicle.

“In doing so he stumbled and almost fell. His eyes appeared to be glazed and his pupils were enlarged. He repeatedly asked officers if he was going to jail. He didn’t seem to be aware of what day or what date it was.

“He was required to provide a specimen of breath and that test was negative. He continued to be really unaware of his surroundings and was examined by the police medical examiner and his condition was put down to the consumption of drugs.

The court heard Miller had problems with drug misuse.

Sheriff Derek Hamilton noted Miller had a previous conviction for driving while unfit through drink or drugs .

He said: “Clearly you were in no fit state to drive and your standard of driving was quite appalling.”

Miller, 199 South Middleton, Uphall, was sentenced to seven months in prison back dated to January 14 and was banned from driving for three years. A forfeiture order for his vehicle was also granted.