Drug binge nuisance made life hell for hotel guests

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A man who blew all his cash on a pile of drugs made life miserable for guests at a hotel after his binge came to a head.

Kevin Doyle (32) used money he received from a family member to purchase drugs and this led to a fortnight of excess, which saw him wandering the streets thinking he was being followed and culminated in him kicking room doors and shouting and swearing at hotel guests in the early hours of the morning.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday, Doyle pled guilty to threatening behaviour at the Richmond Park Hotel, Linlithgow Road, Bo’ness on November 11.

Procurator fiscal depute Michael Maguire said: “The accused was a guest at the hotel and there were noises coming from his room at midnight. He agreed to go to bed after being spoken to.

“He left his room four hours later and, for unknown reasons, began to kick the doors of other rooms. Police were called, but before they arrived the accused was shouting at guests, telling them to f*** off.”

Neil Hay, defence solicitor, said: “He came into money from a family member and he burned the whole lot on drugs – he is absolutely candid on that. He had a two week period where he experienced harrowing thoughts and began walking the streets of Falkirk and Grangemouth, thinking he was being followed.

“The thoughts of harm going through his mind at that time were very serious. He didn’t sleep for a long period.”

Mr Hay added Doyle had been in and out of trouble with the court for a number of years and drugs were a major factor in that.

“He has stopped taking drugs since this event took place,” said Mr Hay. “He has spent quite a lot of time in custody.”

Sheriff John Mundy said: “You were just making a nuisance of yourself here, having consumed a cocktail of drugs. I don’t think it warrants a custodial sentence.”

Sentence was deferred until January 25 for a community payback order progress report and for good behaviour.