Drop in Falkirk crime continues

Crime rates across the district continue to fall with latest figures showing a near 12 per cent drop compared to five years ago.

Between April 2013 and January 2014 offences involving anti-social behaviour, disorder and vandalism have all followed a downward trend.

While there were four more serious assaults for Falkirk police to investigate, the number was still 22 fewer than the annual average since 2009 while minor assaults were down and detection rates in both categories remained high.

The latest performance report for Falkirk Area Command from Chief Superintendent David Flynn of the Forth Valley Area Division to Falkirk Council’s scrutiny committee highlighted emerging trends and issues affecting local policing.

It revealed crime rates in crime groups one to four has reduced by 11.7 per cent when set alongside the five year average.

Over the 10 months crimes of serious violence fell by 14 to 121, attempted murders from 16 to eight, robberies from 22 to 19 and common assaults by 109 to 1609. Instances of vandalism dropped by 43 to 1213 and complaints of disorder by 257 to 9840.

The number of drug dealers dealt with by the courts rose by over 16 per cent to 156 while over 90 per cent of shoplifters were caught.

Chief Superintendent Flynn said: “The report reflects the aspirations of Forth Valley Division to achieve continuous improvement in service delivery to the communities in this area. The information produced by Police Scotland is relevant to national priorities and reflects the objectives in the Falkirk Local Policing Plan.

“Of the 29 indicators, 18 show positive performance and 11 reduced levels. The long-term downward trend in crimes and offences involving anti-social behaviour, disorder and vandalism has continued, detection rates in respect of violent crime and minor assaults remains at high levels and a focused effort against the misuse of drugs has seen a rise from last year in the number of persons charged with the supply, production or cultivation of illegal substances which is in line with recent upward trends.

“The number of domestic abuse incidents shows a drop and continues the longer term trend. This issue has been given particular emphasis within Forth Valley Division and measures including intervention, enforcement and target profiling have been applied successfully.”