Denny offender’s drunken ‘last hurrah’

An alcoholic who was told to quit booze or face an early death went on one more bender and hurled abuse at his wife and his daughter.

Last Thursday, Falkirk Sheriff Court heard Ferguson had gone to his GP about his drinking and was told his life would be shortened if he carried on with his lifestyle.

Procurator fiscal depute Collette Fallon said: “The accused and the complainer have been married for 17 years and have an 18-year-old daughter. Alcohol was consumed and the accused started shouting and swearing towards his partner and daughter.

“He was using the term ‘slag’ towards his wife and his daughter.”

Ferguson, who has eight previous convictions for domestic offences, decided to have “one last hurrah” on the day of his latest offence.

Sheriff John Mundy took the fact Ferguson was the main carer for his wife, who has osteoarthritis, into consideration and spared him a prison sentence.

He said: “By rights I should be sending you to prison given your record, which is terrible for domestic offending.”

Ferguson, Flat 2, Room 3, Castings Hotel, Falkirk, was placed on a structured deferred sentence for three months with the condition he engage with relevant agencies to address his alcohol problems.