Dad warned to stay away from mum of his two kids

Falkirk Sheriff Court
Falkirk Sheriff Court

Lovestruck Scott Penman refused to believe that after seven years his ‘on-off’ relationship with the mum of their two kids was at an end.

But the rejected Romeo’s efforts to rekindle things ended with him being arrested for causing the woman fear and alarm by making offensive remarks and threatening her with violence.

At Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday Penman was fined £400 and ordered to pay her £500 compensation.

He was also banned from going anywhere near her home or place of work for the next two years.

The court heard that between April and May the 26-year-old from 6 Bridge Crescent, Denny, bombarded her with phone calls and texts she did not want to receive.

When he went to her work uninvited and asked to see her, the police were finally called and he was arrested.

She had told him it was over in February - but Penman refused to believe it.

In the early hours of April 17 the first in a series of text messages arrived asking how she and the children were.

She had replied - in pretty plain language - telling him to “go away” - but on April 24 she received another 35 messages from him.

The phone calls and texts continued until May 17 when he went to see her at her work her place of work uninvited. She agreed to speak to him outside, then called the police.

Defence lawyer Willie McIntyre said: “There were emotions involved. The relationship was on and off and there were periods when they were separated.

“However there were reconciliations and he always hoped he would be able to win her and the children back again.

“Another man is now on the scene, and Penman knows the relationship is over.

“He has come to terms with that and his main concern now is to have contact with the children. He knows for that to happen he has to do things properly.”

Mr McIntyre said Penman, who is already subject to a supervised community payback order, knew that to avoid jail he had to persuade the court he will not re-offend.

Sheriff Derek Livingston told Penman, from 6 Bridge Crescent, Denny, that his behaviour had been “grossly excessive” and warned him: “Though there is justification for sending you to prison, and I’m not impressed with your record of co-operating with community orders, that would cost you your job and impact on your ability to provide for your children.”