Couple were knocked out and glassed during brutal last orders attack in Redding pub

A drunken offender turned violent when he was asked to leave a pub and lashed out at a couple – leaving a woman unconscious and a man bleeding from his face.

Craig Reynolds (43) was already heavily under the influence of alcohol when he ordered a pint just after last orders were called. When he was asked to drink up and leave he pushed a woman, who fell and hit her head on the ground, and then smashed a glass in the face of the woman’s partner.

Reynolds, 77 Wholequarter Avenue, Redding, appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court on Thursday having pled guilty to the assaults he committed in The Quoit Bar, Main Street, Redding on July 15 last year.

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Ashley Smith, procurator fiscal depute, said: “The couple were leaving the pub by the front door and they noticed the accused was intoxicated and had not had drunk his pint. They suggested it was time for him to leave the pub.

“The accused moved behind the bar area and words were exchanged. He pushed the female witness to the body causing her to fall to the ground where she hit her head on the concrete floor, causing her to lose consciousness.

“The accused then struck the male witness in the face with a glass and then ran from the pub.”

Police were called and arrived to find the woman lying face down in the pub, breathing but unresponsive. She did regain consciousness and both she and her partner were taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital for treatment.

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The woman had a two centimetre wound at the back of her head which had congealed and required no treatment. The man had a laceration to his check which had to be closed with glue.

Reynolds was traced by police and claimed he was just defending himself, saying the couple came after him.

Sheriff Craig Caldwell said: “This is an assault with a weapon in a pub which almost invariably brings a prison sentence.”

Sentence was deferred for three weeks to March 14 for consideration of a restriction of liberty order.