Concerns led to police facing death threats from Denny Man

Police went to Brian Krupa’s home after staff at a drug and alcohol help centre reported they had been worried about his behaviour at the clinic.

But the good intentions of the officers to make sure he was fine ended with him being arrested for shouting and swearing and threatening to kill them.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard last Thursday that at one stage during the drama on November 8, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was standing by to come and break into his house at 12 Hunter Gardens in Denny after Krupa refused to open the door.

As it turned out that was not necessary because he suddenly jumped out of a window – wearing full army camouflage gear and a beret – and fled the scene.

When officers caught up with him they tried to explain again they were only concerned about his welfare, he continued to shout and swear and make threats including killing them both.

He was finally restrained, taken to Falkirk Police office and charged with behaving in a threatening and abusive manner at Hunter Gardens and Falkirk Community Hospital, shouting and swearing, threaten he had a gun, threaten to kill two police officers and resist arrest.

Krupa had attended Falkirk Community Hospital earlier that day to get support for his problems but the way he was acting caused enough concern for the police to be contacted.

When officers arrived at Hunter Gardens they saw the lights were on and could hear music playing. They could see Krupa standing at the window, but he did not acknowledge them.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was about to be called to force the door open when Krupa made his dramatic ‘escape’.

Police followed and again reassured him they only wanted to help, but he continued his threats.

The court heard Krupa has mental health issues as a result of his involvement with alcohol and drugs.

Defence lawyer Andy Bryson said: “He over reacted to the police turning up.”

As a direct alternative to jail, Sheriff Derek Livingston placed Krupa (37) on a three-year supervised payback order to attend drug and mental health sessions as directed.