Charity event ends with family fallout

Kenneth Richardson was sentenced at Falkirk Sheriff Court
Kenneth Richardson was sentenced at Falkirk Sheriff Court

A day out with family and friends at a charity event ended with Kenneth Richardson being arrested for assault.

The 49-year-old had apparently enjoyed the good-cause function in Motherwell on May 1 - but things changed dramatically later that day.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard on July 14 that when he and his wife got back to a house in Wholequarter Avenue, Redding, he became aggressive and confrontational and the situation became physical.

After shouting and swearing at her, he seized Ann Richardson and she fell down. When the woman’s friend intervened by taking hold of his arm, she was struck on the face and knocked to the ground.

The court was told Richardson had been drinking.

Defence lawyer Simon Hutchison said Richardson had “no history” of violence towards his wife and taken steps to improve his behaviour.

Presenting two letters of reference from his employers for the court to consider, Mr Hutchison added: “He is held in high regard and has a good job with responsibility. He pushed Mrs Richardson and as a result she fell and struck her head on the ground.”

Richardson, from 82 Wotherspoon Drive, Bo’ness, had admitted the charges at a previous appearance and been released on bail while social workers completed background reports.

Part of his bail conditions meant he has been banned from having any contact with his wife.

Mr Hutchison said: “He has not seen Mrs Richardson since then and because of that their future has still to be decided. The matter will not be concluded until he can speak to her.”

Sheriff John Mundy opted to defer sentence on Richardson until January.

He agreed to remove the bail condition that was keeping the two apart, and told Richardson: “If you are of good behaviour for the next six months we may be able to draw a line under this.”

At the same court Robert Alexander (18), 17 Brewster Place, Denny, was ordered to pay £100 compensation for damaging property at a house in Grove Street, Denny, on June 20.

Sheriff Mundy ordered him to pay the money at £20 a week.