Cat poisoned with anti-freeze in Denny

Nico had to be put down after being poisoned in the Denny area
Nico had to be put down after being poisoned in the Denny area

A cat had to be put down after vets suspected he was poisoned with anti-freeze.

Nico, a three year old black and white moggie, returned to his home in Godfrey Avenue, Denny on Thursday evening and owner Amanda Bennie noticed there was something wrong.

Amanda (22) said: “He was a bit off and soon after started being sick. He was hardly able to move and couldn’t keep anything down, then his back end went away.

“We rushed him to the out of hours vet but it was too late and the kind thing to do was to put him down.”

Vets ER who operate from Grahams Road Vet in Falkirk, suspected anti-freeze poisoning.

David Reed, owner of Grahams Road Vets, said the symptoms of poisoning with the toxic substance are unique.

He said: “Anti-freeze is appealing to cats as it tastes sweet to them and it’s palatable.

“Once they eat it, the affects start quickly. It causes crystals to form in their kidneys and leads to kidney failure. It’s a horrible way to die and causes them great pain.

“We get a few cases of antifreeze poisoning each year, some accidental with people not realising they have spilled the product and others are deliberate.

“With the incident happening in August, I’d be inclined to think this was deliberate.”

The SSPCA are currently investigating the poisoning and are carrying out a postmortem on Nico.

Amanda added: “I want to warn other cat owners so they can keep their pets in until the person is caught.

“I can’t believe someone would do this to Nico, he was a really friendly cat and didn’t cause trouble. He never wandered far from home either, so it must have been from a neighbour near by.

“It’s awful, what kind of person poisons a helpless cat?”

Police are investigating the poisoning. Anyone with information can call Police Scotland on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.