Carer stole cash from elderly Denny client’s purse

Monro stole �10 from an elderly woman she cared for.
Monro stole �10 from an elderly woman she cared for.

A home carer, who stole cash from an elderly client, has been ordered to be of good behaviour.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court, Lynn Monro, of 55 Alloa Road, Carron, had previously admitted that on September 29, 2017 at an address in Kelly Drive, Denny, whilst acting as a carer she stole £10.

The court heard that at the time Monro (55), was acting as a carer for a 71-year-old woman who received home care support four times a day.

The elderly woman’s sister provides her with a small amount of cash each week.

Graham McLachlan, procurator fiscal depute, explained that in August the woman began asking for more money, which her sister found strange and began to suspect a carer was stealing from her.The court heard the woman’s sister attended the house on September 29 shortly before she was picked up for day care.

He said: “The sister placed two £10 notes in the complainer’s purse. She then placed an iPad on the wheelchair and a mobile phone on the bread bin in the kitchen, both were set to record. The sister left the property and hid behind the garden shed.

“The accused is in the property, she’s responsible for taking the lady to day care, and when the bus leaves the sister goes back in and looks at the footage.

“It shows the accused within the kitchen on her own while the complainer is at the toilet. The sister checks the purse and sees that one of the notes is now missing.

“The accused is seen to remove the handbag and place it on the worktop. The images at this point are slightly obscured, but the audio suggests the accused is rummaging through the bag, then replaces it where she got it.”

The care company were advised and contacted police.

When asked by Sheriff Michael Fletcher on Thursday if there was anything she’d like to say, Monro, who represented herself, said: “There’s not a lot I can say.”

Sheriff Fletcher deferred sentence until August 9 for Monro to be of good behaviour as this was her first offence.