Bully remanded for not keeping appointments

Kevin Waddelow was remanded at Falkirk Sheriff Court
Kevin Waddelow was remanded at Falkirk Sheriff Court

A man has been remanded in custody after telling a court he was unlikely to keep appointments with social workers.

Kevin Waddelow was convicted at Falkirk Sheriff Court of offences including sending threatening text messages to his partner and sending a picture of her in a state of undress to her friend and had sentence deferred for reports.

Other charges committed between January and May last year included threatening to send private photographs of her to her friends and work colleagues, assaulting the woman in his house by seizing and pushing her, behaving in a threatening or abusive way by shouting at her and acting in an aggressive manner towards her.

He also chased her into the back garden, broke her mobile phone and recklessly destroyed property by breaking the screen of a laptop.

The 25-year-old bully from 39 Spence Street, Bonnybridge, who defence lawyer Simon Hutchison said worked as a roofer’s labourer in Fife, was due to be sentenced at Falkirk Sheriff Court on July 13.

After being told the paperwork is still not ready, Sheriff John Mundy said he would be unable to proceed and warned Waddelow that his repeated non-attendance for interview with social workers could lead to him being remanded in prison.

When Waddelow then told the sheriff “I don’t care”, he was taken down to the cells.

Sheriff Mundy adjourned the case until August 3 for the background reports required to be prepared.