Broke into own home after cops changed locks

Newman's key did not fit the new lock
Newman's key did not fit the new lock

A boyfriend was forced to break into his own house because police changed the locks after they broke the door in.

The unlikely series of events ended with Barry Newman (33) being charged with destroying property by breaking the window of his home at 5 Kenilworth Drive, Laurieston.

Newman appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court having pled guilty to the offence he committed on June 28.

Procurator fiscal depute Graham McLachlan said: “It was 2am and witnesses heard the sound of breaking glass. Police were contacted and when they attended they saw the broken window.

“They contacted a council joiner to gain entry to the property and when they got in they found the accused. He said he had smashed the window to gain entry. He said he lived there.”

Andy Bryson, defence solicitor, said: “He does live there with his girlfriend. They had been out and she had gone home much earlier than him. An incident took place between her and a taxi driver.”

Police responding to her report of that serious incident kicked her door in to gain access when she did not answer. They then got a locksmith to repair the door with a new lock while they questioned her at the police station.

When Newman eventually came home his key did not fit the new lock so he broke the window to get in.

Sheriff John Mundy deferred sentence on Newman, who was remanded in custody until October 9 to await the outcome of another case.