Blue badge blues remain

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Town centre parking problems facing blue badge holders could continue for years Falkirk Council has warned.

Moves to have the legal right to fine rogue motorists caught using bays clearly marked for the exclusive use of disabled drivers might not be in place until 2018.

The council has undertaken an extensive survey of all its waiting restrictions, road markings and signs and is expected to apply to Scottish Ministers for Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) powers at the end of the month.

But until they are in place - and the process can take up to two years - it is powerless to enforce on-street parking violations and take action against able bodied drivers who are making the lives of disabled drivers a misery by grabbing their spaces.

That remains the job of Police Scotland who scrapped the traffic warden service in 2013 to save money.

The council then agreed a deal with the local area commander to retain some ‘yellow peril’ presence in the town centre, but that ended at the end of March.

Since then it is claimed blue badge holders are being made to suffer.

John Penman, who is registered disabled and has a blue parking badge, complained: “It’s difficult finding a disabled parking bay being legitimately used. In Manor Street this week there was a pick-up truck and trailer occupying three of them. Who do I complain to?”

Police Scotland urged people to report their concerns at a station or call 101.