Binman loses council job for gun Facebook post at MP

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard who Scobbie aimed his post at. Picture: John Devlin
SNP MP Tommy Sheppard who Scobbie aimed his post at. Picture: John Devlin

A Falkirk binman lost his job for posting gun emojis on an MP’s Facebook video.

Glen Scobbie (26) was spared jail for the move he said was meant as a joke after a friend shared the video of outspoken MP for Edinburgh East Tommy Sheppard.

Scobbie also replied on the post “shoot the bastert” along with the two pistol emoticons. The post caused “significant alarm” to one of Mr Sheppard’s associates who contacted police before Scobbie handed himself in at Falkirk police office.

When police asked him, “Do you know Tommy Sheppard?”, Scobbie replied, “It was a Tommy Sheridan post I thought”, to wind up his pal he said.

Scobbie, a father-of-one, of Westfield Street, Falkirk, pleaded guilty to posting a “menacing” remark, contrary to the 2003 Communications Act. The incident occurred on September 21, 2016 just three months after the murder of MP Jo Cox.

Scobbie said he did not know ab out the death of Mrs Cox at the time of his offence.

Defending himself, Scobbie, who has no previous convictions, said: “It was meant to be a joke between me and my pal. I didn’t think anybody else would see it. I lost my job as a binman with Falkirk Council because of it.”

Fining Scobbie £280, Sheriff Livingston told him: “You have to understand in this day and age that when you post something on Facebook, far more people will become aware of it than if you even shouted it in the street.

“I accept it was more stupidity than anything intended, but it clearly did cause alarm.”