Ban for Hallglen driver who failed to heed brake warning

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A motorist who ignored advice to drive carefully and slowly after a temporary repair to his brakes has been banned for six months.

Lee Russell (41) took his 15-year-old Skoda to a garage after smoke began pouring from the brakes.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard today that the garage carried out an “interim” repair and advised Russell to drive slowly straight home.

Instead, he put his foot down – before finding he had to brake sharply, loosing control, and crossing onto the opposite carriageway of the road in Bonnybridge.

Both Russell’s Skoda and the oncoming car, a Ford Fiesta, were damaged.

Prosecutor Craig Wainwright said: “The accused’s car developed what he believed to be a braking defect, causing smoke to emit from same.

“To rectify this, he took the car to a garage, about 6.30 pm.

“It was partially repaired, and he was told to return the following day.

“He was directed by the mechanic to drive slowly, and in a very careful and considerate manner, as the repair would affect the braking system on one side.

“Three hours later he was driving in Falkirk Road, Bonnybridge at a speed in excess of that which he had been advised.

“He had cause to activate the brakes, and on doing so, this caused him to veer onto the opposing carriageway and collide with another car.”

Police were called and Mr Wainwright said Russell “admitted he was aware of the directions given to him by the mechanic earlier that day”.

Russell, of Hallglen, pleaded guilty to careless driving. The incident occurred on September 29, 2016.

Martin Morrow, defending, said Russell had driven “eight miles without incident” before losing control.

He said: “Unfortunately, he ought to have been driving slightly slower. A difficulty arose, and he crossed the carriageway.

“It would have been better if the vehicle stayed in the garage, quite frankly.”

In addition to imposing the six months driving ban, Sheriff Christopher Shead fined Russell £250.