Bainsford birthday party sex assault horror

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A mother was grabbed and sexually abused by a drunk while the two of them were dancing in the kitchen at a child’s sixth birthday party.

Flying high on alcohol, diabetic Andrew McKay (35) grabbed the woman’s bottom while they were both attending the gathering in Bainsford. Refusing to take no for an answer, he grabbed her in an even more intimate place and then, as children at the party began to scream, attacked her friend, who was left with blood on her face, when she tried to intervene.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court today, Falkirk man McKay pled guilty to sexually assaulting the 32-year-old woman and physically assaulting and injuring her female friend at the June 23 party. He also admitted threatening behaviour and two charges of assault against police.

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Prosecutor Samantha Brown said the woman told McKay to “desist”, but he continued to molest her.

Police were called and McKay, who was injured himself in the struggle, was taken to the Forth Valley Royal Hospital where he continued to be violent, head butting a male police constable and biting a female cop.

Stephen Biggam, defence solicitor, told the court McKay was a type one diabetic.

He added: “He was given drink, and it didn’t mix.”

Sheriff Craig Caldwell placed McKay on the sex offenders’ register and deferred sentence until September 27 to assess the risk he poses to women.