Angry mum chucked orange juice over driver in Bainsford bus bust up

A mother who was supposedly upset over a misfortune which befell her son took her anger out on a bus driver by chucking orange juice all over him.

Monday, 31st May 2021, 7:00 am

Annoyed after her son’s leg had become trapped in the bus door, Paris Mason (29) began playing loud music and shouting and swearing at the back of the bus before carrying out her orange juice attack on the bus driver.

Paris Mason (29) appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday having pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour on board the bus in Carron Road, Bainsford on April 30 last year.

Procurator fiscal depute Rebecca Reid said: “The witness was working as a bus driver driver for First Bus. It was 6.50pm and the accused with a male and a young child.

Mason chucked a bottle of orange drink over the bus driver during the journey

"During the journey they sat at the back of the bus playing loud music and using foul language. The bus was requested to stop and the driver asked the accused to turn the music down.

"The accused then shouted at the bus driver and smacked her hand against the bus driver’s screen before reaching through the gap and attempting to open the cabin door.

"She continued to shout at the bus driver before opening a large bottle of orange drink and splashing it over the driver through the gap in the driver’s screen, covering him in the liquid.

"The accused and her party then left the bus prior to police arriving and the bus continued on its journey.”

Lynn Swan, defence solicitor, said: “There was a situation which escalated on the bus after her son’s foot got caught in the door. She could have dealt with it in a different fashion.

"She is very remorseful.”

Sheriff Derek Livingston said Mason’s behaviour was “quite appalling” and said he was content to go no further than have her pay £500 compensation to the driver at £20 per fortnight.

However, Mason, 5 Arran Terrace, Falkirk, made a a few ill-timed comments and even pulled a face at Sheriff Livingston, who then questioned her sincerity over being remorseful.

He told her to have a chat with her solicitor about her conduct and he would call the case later when he would decide what to do with her.

When she returned Sheriff Livingston stuck with his previous compensation order decision.