Anger as heart transplant boy’s dad is mugged for his phone

Stuart Robertson and his family, wife Lisa, son James and daughter Kayleigh
Stuart Robertson and his family, wife Lisa, son James and daughter Kayleigh

The father of a young boy who is waiting for a heart transplant down in London was mugged by a motorcyclist who stole his mobile phone.

Stuart Robertson (44), from Polmont, was still in shock after the incident, which happened last night outside the Sick Children’s Trust near Great Ormond Street Hospital, where son James (10) is currently recovering after major heart surgery.

The phone that was stolen is a vital link to home for Stuart and the family, who have not been back in Scotland for over two months.

Stuart said: “I was standing outside our accommodation on Grays Inn Road at around half past nine, after returning from getting James to sleep at Great Ormond Street when I was mugged for my phone.

“It was snatched from my hand by a motorcyclist driving along the pavement. That phone has been my umbilical cord as you can imagine and has so much personal stuff on it that I dread to think about, including a diary I’ve kept through everything and photos that are priceless only to me.

“Apparently it is an epidemic here in London. I cannot afford to replace it so I will need to share my wife Lisa’s phone.”

Young James is being kept alive by a HeartWare device which Stuart likened to the chest piece which powers and protects Tony Stark aka Marvel superhero Iron Man.

The family’s story appeared in today’s edition of The Falkirk Herald and on the Falkirk Herald website.