Alcoholic jailed for one crime too many

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A bully with a drink problem has been jailed for 18 months after failing to co-operate with community payback orders and stay out of trouble once too often.

Lee Limond had been placed on three orders last summer for threatening his sister and police when he was drunk and carrying out a booze-fuelled assault on his dad.

When he appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court on February 25 he was warned to engage with the orders and seek professional help for his alcohol issues - or face prison.

Sheriff Linda Smith called for a progress report to be ready for March 24 - and told the 21-year-old: “By that time the court is entitled to expect progress has been made.”

But the court heard Limond had once again failed to keep appointments with social workers, “no progress” had been made – and he had since appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court charged with being aggressive and threatening to his ex-girlfriend and family on the phone.

The court was told that on March 6 he had called the woman to say he was coming to see her in Oakley, Fife. When she phoned back to say it would be better if he stayed away, Limond became aggressive.

During a frightening four minute call the woman’s mother recorded, he threatened: “I’m coming. I’m coming through the front door and going to kill your father.” He also said he was going to murder other members of her family.

Defence lawyer Murray Aitken said: “He had no intention of going to Fife to see his former partner. He was drunk.

“He knows he has difficulties with alcohol, he is an alcoholic, and that unless he sorts it out is going to continue getting into trouble. He will understand if the court decides he has come to the end of the line, but he does not want to go to jail and would rather get help.”

Sheriff John Mundy told Limond, who has no permanent address and been living with friends: “You probably know what’s coming and what’s coming is a custodial sentence.

“We tried in June last year to help and you have completely refused that help. There is absolutely no point now continuing with these orders.”

Restricting the jail term to 18 months, the Sheriff added: “You are very fortunate I have decided to impose these sentences the way I have. I sincerely hope while you are inside you seek help for your issues.”