Alcohol the cause of Falkirk kebab meat bumper grab drama

A delivery driver had to put up with the violent attentions of a drunken lout with an axe to grind when he pulled up outside a takeaway with a meat delivery.

William Wilson (29) was annoyed when the driver’s vehicle supposedly brushed against his leg and he responded by yanking and damaging the bumper of the car and then attacking the driver, who retaliated and gave Wilson a blow to the jaw.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, Wilson had pled guilty to assault and damaging property outside Kebabish, Grahams Road, Falkirk on October 30.

Procurator fiscal depute Collette Fallon said: “I was 4.20pm and the complainer, a delivery driver, attempted to park his vehicle. The accused who shouted at the complainer saying he couldn’t park his vehicle there.

“The accused bent down and held the front bumper of the vehicle and it came away, damaged. The complainer got out of his vehicle and the accused became aggressive towards him, attempting to punch him and missing on a number of occasions.

“He then punched the complainer to the head and the complainer punched him back. The assault came to an end and police were contacted by a person who witnessed the incident and then pointed the accused out to officers.”

The court heard the delivery driver had to be taken to Forth Valley Royal Hospital to have steri-strips applied to a cut over his left eye. Wilson also required treatment for a suspected fracture top his jaw.

Stephen Biggam, defence solicitor, said: “He knows he was an idiot for involving himself in such an incident. The delivery driver came too close to him and brushed his leg.

“That’s what he took umbrage about and thereafter he lost control. On a sober day none of this would have transpired.”

Sheriff John Mundy said: “This was reckless thing to have done and drinking is no excuse.”

He placed Wilson, 10 Tay Street, Grangemouth, on a supervised community payback order for 18 months.