Alcohol assessment for 30-cans a-day man

Sheriff Caldwell ordered an alcohol assessment
Sheriff Caldwell ordered an alcohol assessment

Alcoholic Trevor Muirhead (40) admitted drinking as many as 30 cans of lager a day.

He pled guilty to assaulting a police officer at Falkirk Police Station on June 14 and appeared at court last Thursday reportedly completely detoxified.

The court heard Muirhead, 7 Yarrow Place, Grangemouth, missed appointments because he did not have glasses and could not read the letter with the details on it.

Defence solicitor Simon Hutchison said: “I was surprised to see him here – at least he has managed to attend court.”

Sheriff Craig Caldwell continued the matter for three weeks so an alcohol assessment could be carried out.

He warned Muirhead: “If that assessment is not available to me in three weeks you will simply be jailed.”