Crime figures reveal a drop of 14 per cent

SNP candidate for Falkirk East, Angus MacDonald.
SNP candidate for Falkirk East, Angus MacDonald.

Recorded crime in Central Scotland has fallen by 14 per cent, according to the latest figures.

The clear-up rate for crimes also increased last year and is now sitting at its highest level since 1976.

In 2012-13, a total of 14,056 offences were recorded by Central Scotland Police, prior to its merger to form Police Scotland - a decrease of 14 per cent from the previous year.

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The figures were welcomed by Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald of the SNP.

He said: “This drop in crime is great news for everyone in towns and villages across Falkirk district.

“Crime is at a 39-year low, fear of crime is down, the risk of being a victim of crime in Scotland is falling and is lower than in England and Wales.

“The fall in crime has only been possible thanks to the incredible efforts of police officers across the area.”