Council is told ‘we need more grit’

Councillor Paul Garner
Councillor Paul Garner

Denny and Banknock councillor Paul Garner has twice contacted council chiefs to ask for extra resources to tackle icy local roads.

He’s also asking that certain paths should be upgraded to “Priority 1”, and that areas which appear to lack grit bins be looked at “as a matter of urgency”.

Councillor Garner said on social media; “One such path is the full length of Nethermains Road, which until highlighted I did not know was only priority 3 - why that was missed by myself and previous and current councillors I don’t know.

“Well in my defence this is the first real icy weather we have had since I became a councillor”.

He was in East Dunbartonshire this morning - another local authority facing difficult conditions - where at 10.30am he saw an empty grit bin which had been full at 8.30am.