COUNCIL BUDGET: The facts and figures ...

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A breakdown of some of the changes that will affect residents

Average Band D Council Tax remains at £1070 annually.

Council house rents will increase by 3.6 per cent to an average of £120.06 fortnightly.

Lock-up garage rentals will increase by 19p to £5.52 per week.

Increase in school meals of 10p to £1.80 for primary and secondary pupils.

Three per cent increase in education fees and charges, including music tuition and school/community lets.

Childcare charges increased by 10p an hour to £3.35.

Old people’s homes charges to increase by 3.2 per cent to £698.99 per week.

No increase in meals on wheels, lunch clubs and day centre clients which remain at £2.20.

Car parking to rise by 20p.

Charge for residential special uplifts will remain at £22.

Commercial waste collection charges to rise by a minimum of £10 to between £234.20 and £857.40.

The cost of cremation will rise by £14 to £496, while a lair will now cost £366 with adult interment fees up by £10 to £334.

Taxi driver applications will be reduced by £7 to £195, while a renewal fee falls by the same amount to £100.

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