Could your home be forever home for Munchie?

SFFH-21-03-17-Munchie Pet of the week.jpg
SFFH-21-03-17-Munchie Pet of the week.jpg

West Lothian Cat Protection is looking for a new home for Munchie, a very contented lady.

Munchie is 13 years young and in good health.

She has been with her foster mum and dad for a few weeks now and is getting them used to her ways.

Munchie loves to look out of the window watching the birds and the neighbours’ passing cats, followed with a nice nap.

She also enjoys sitting on your lap being stroked. Munchie would like a home where she is the only cat and would like a garden to explore.

To offer Munchie a home, call 01506 298107.