Could you give Cheeky and Tiddles a loving home?

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Cheeky and her brother Tiddles have always lived indoors with their family, who have now sadly passed away.

It took quite a few weeks in foster care, but Cheeky has come out of her shell and is a lovely, affectionate cat, who loves to be stroked and rub herself up against you.



She will settle in your lap for some attention, and enjoys a play, especially chasing noisy balls and taking a mad turn for a few minutes.

She likes to explore and would enjoy being an outdoor cat in a quiet, safe area.

Tiddles is still shy, so Cats Protection are looking for a home with an experienced cat owner who will be able to give him the time and understanding to regain his confidence and be more like his old self.

If you feel you could offer these gorgeous cats their forever home, please contact Cats Protection on 01506 298107 or fill out the contact form at and a home visit can easily be arranged.