Could you be Luna’s new owner?

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This personable young Border Collie is currently being cared for at Dogs Trust’s Rehoming Centre while she searches for her forever home.

Luna is just seven months old and she is a playful, affectionate and clever pup, who’s at her happiest spending time with her family.

She likes getting plenty of cuddles or running around the garden playing with her toys -. she particularly loves to play fetch with her favourite teddy bear.

A typical young Collie, Luna is full of energy and enthusiasm and she is always keen to learn and loves to keep busy.

As she’s still young, Luna’s new owners will need to be active and share her love of the outdoors as well as continue her training.

She is shy and does get worried and nervous around people she doesn’t know, so she benefit from owners who have experience with Collies and are able to help build up her confidence over time.

This lovable girl would love to live in a calm and quiet adult-only home away from too many people and other dogs where she can relax and play.

If you think you could provide Luna with a forever home please contact the Dogs Trust on 01506 873459.