Could you be a Dog’s Trust volunteer?

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Dogs Trust West Calder is hosting a volunteer recruitment event on May 19, open to anyone who wants to improve the lives and welfare of dogs.

The event, running from 2pm to 3pm, includes a tour of the rehoming centre, and aims to provide the perfect opportunity to learn more about Dogs Trust’s work - and how the volunteers play a key role.

Garry Lee, Volunteer Coordinator at Dogs Trust West Calder said: “Volunteering with us is really rewarding for those who are passionate about the welfare of dogs.

“Our volunteers play a pivotal role in making sure rescue dogs have all their home comforts while in kennels, as any given day they could be doing anything from: cleaning kennels, assisting members of the public when they visit the centre or helping out at events.

“Our dedicated volunteers ensure that dogs get to spend more time with their canine carers and get the training and socialisation they need in order to prepare them for their forever home.”

As well as supporting the welfare of dogs at the rehoming centre, there are also opportunities to become a foster career on the charity’s Home From Home (HFH) Fostering programme.

Stephen Thomson, Home From Home Coordinator, said: “Dogs on the HFH programme usually need a little extra TLC because they might be nervous in kennels, slightly older or possibly recovering from a health issue. or even very young puppies who need a lot of additional care before being old enough to rehome.”

For further details get in touch with the team on 01506536840 or visit