Concerns are growing over Garden Aid in Grangemouth

David Balfour
David Balfour

Residents are continuing to experience problems with Falkirk Council’s Garden Aid service.

Grangemouth Councillor David Balfour took matters into his own hands to help one elderly disabled householder in the town’s Castleton Crescent after she complained her hedge had still not been trimmed back by the council contractors, MES 2000.

Councillor Balfour said: “I was concerned about the state of Mrs Crawford’s hedge and the fact that she and her friends were getting wet when passing her gate. After a vague response from the Council – they told me the hedge would be cut by the end of October – I arranged to re-visit and trim the hedge at the gate myself to help her out.”

Councillor Balfour added local people had told him the Garden Aid Service hedge and grass cuts have been becoming less frequent over the last few years and this is causing concern to service users in the town.

Falkirk Council has been forced to meet with the contractor in the past in an effort to sort out problems.